March 2023

BREAD performs our latest workshop of our original play "ROAR!" at Cloud City, Williamsburg, BK.


August 2022

BREAD Arts Collective was in residence at NACL's Deep Space Resident Artist Program, where we continued work on our current offering "ROAR!", 


October 2021

Lewis & Anderson release our  latest roc doc/music video offering from our punk rock clown alter-egos, Veruca and Dex called "F*%k This Year". Check it out on YouTube!


January 2022

Happy to announce that I am the North American Cultural Laboratory ( 2022 Artist in Residence!


November 2020

What an honor to be a part of Bedlam Theatre Company's reading of Titus Andronicus! 


December 2019

BREAD debuts our original, punk rock adaptation of Candide at Cloud City, BK!  


July 2019

BREAD Arts Collective returns to Barn Arts in Maine, performing in residence our original variety show, Everything Must Go!


June 2019

Happy to be revisiting Zodiac Math, performing one night only at the wonderful Strand Theatre in Rockland, Maine!


May 2019

Lewis & Anderson release the latest chapter/music video from our alter-ego creations, Veruca and Dex. The rocdoc/video is called "Measured in K's". YouTube it today!


May 2019

BREAD debuts at IRT with a staged reading of our original play-in-progress, SOUR DOUGH!


January 2019

BREAD Arts Collective begins the development of our next two originals works of theatre: Roar! and Sour Dough.


November 2018

Thrilled to be a part of Zodiac Math, as the guitar player in the band! Zodiac Math is a brand new play from BREAD member Elizabeth May, performing at Theatre Mitu in Gowanus, Brooklyn, November 1, 2 and 3rd! 


September 2018

I am the new Captain of BREAD Arts Collective! Here's to our exciting 2019 season in the works!


August 2018

"Owls and Echoes", written and directed by Hope Olaide Wilson, was screened at the Made in NY Media Center in BK! I am very honored to be one of the featured actors in the film, and can't wait to see where this amazing short film with its phenomenal cast and crew will go.


July 2018

BREAD was the resident theatre group for the entire month of July at the incredible NACL Theatre in the Catskills of Sullivan County, NY! We participated in the Kaleidoscoping Festival and presented a new, original play, "dioramarama"!

May 2018

Performing as Autolycus in Backroom Shakespeare's production of "The Winter's Tale" at Soda Bar!


May 2018

BREAD returns with Pumpernips 4.0: "Another Nip For Your Pleasure", at Cloud City, BK!


April 2018

Thrilled to be newly represented by Andreadis Talent Agency, NYC!


April 2018

Lewis and Anderson release our rockumentary and music video "The Grapevine Can't Be Wiretapped". Check out the Lewis and Anderson YouTube channel for all our videos!


December 2017

Landed a juicy role in the upcoming short film "Owls and Echoes", written and produced by the amazing Hope Olaide Wilson!


November 2017

I returned to Maine to perform with the Barn Arts Collective in The Rocky Horror Show at the wonderful Strand Theatre in Rockland, Maine. I returned to the role of The Narrator and the electric rhythm guitar player in the band!


October 2017

Bread Arts Collective presents our version of Clifford Odets' "Waiting for Lefty" at Cloud City in Brooklyn, NY!


July 2017

Bread Arts Collective took the first act of my play in progress "Mountain Play" to the Barn Arts Collective to develop the work as part of their summer residency program!


June 2017

Bread Arts Collective participated in the NACL's (North American Cultural Laboratory) summer Deep Space Residency at their wonderful theatre in Highland Lake, NY. We performed our hit show "Rise and Fall". Long live the NACL!


March 2017

BREAD Arts Collective begins our Spring variety show, "Pumpernips" at Cloud City, Brooklyn! Our first show on March 4th is entitled "March Forth!".


February 2017

Catch me on Quantico, February 20th, ABC! 


December 2016

Landed a co-starring role on ABC's Quantico as Special Agent Jane McKinnon! Catch my episode soon this season in the new year!


November 2016

Booked a role as a sympathetic cyborg in the short film, "Tess"!


June 2016

BREAD Arts Collective returns with "The Great American Casket Company" at Green-Wood Cemetary, Brooklyn. I am one of the playwrights and leads of the piece! Here's a link to a great review by Brooklyn Magazine:


February 2016

Thrilled to return as Toby Bletch in Barn Arts Collective's Down East Tour of "12th Night!".


December 2015

Lewis and Anderson return with original theatrical shenanigans in "A Very Veruca and Dex Holiday Spectacle", December 12th at R&D Studios, Brooklyn! 


November 2015

Honored and thrilled to join the Barn Arts Collective's 12th Night! production as Toby Belch, performing November 6th at the gorgeous College of the Atlantic!


October 2015

Thrilled to be working again with the Barn Arts Collective as we stage The Rocky Horror Show in Bar Harbor, Maine! I will be playing The Narrator and electric guitar.


September 2015

Lewis and Anderson are back, performing our latest one-act, "The Joshua Complex", the third of our theatrical offerings, at R&D Studios!


September 2015

Rise and Fall returns every Sunday at People Lounge in the LES, September 13-November 22! Check out our great review from the Village Voice:


August 2015

I am honored to be joining the cast of "Old Souls", a gorgeous folk musical this August at Barn Arts Collective in Bass Harbor, Maine!


June 2015

BREAD will be performing "Rise and Fall" through June 21st on Sundays at People Lounge, NYC. We have had a glorious 19 performance run, and we promise to return in September!


May 2015

Lewis and Anderson return with our crowd favorite, "Veruca and Dex Take It Back!" at Jack Arts Center in Brooklyn!


April 2015

My episode of I Love You...But I Lied, "RIP", airs on Lifetime Movie Network! 


March 2015

BREAD Arts Collective presents "Rise and Fall", a punk speed bacchanalian party show opening March 1st and performing every Sunday at People Lounge in NYC! 


February 2015

The writing/performance duo I am half of, Lewis and Anderson, will debut our new one-act "Veruca and Dex Take It Back!" at R&D Studios in Brooklyn!


January 2015

Founding member of BREAD Arts Collective.


December 2014

Booked the lead role in an episode of a new Lifetime Movie Network show!


September 2014

Cast as the lead in the incendiary new horror-farce play "Lonesome Devil", premiering in October at Cloud City, Brooklyn's favorite location for cutting edge independent theatre!


July 2014

Booked the role of a 1890's nurse for the upcoming ABC show "Forever"!


May 2014

White Alligator is selected for The Best of Brooklyn Film Festival.


January 2014

Recorded the radio play "Meet Me at Short Sea" for the Distilled Theatre Company, available for free on iTunes at DTC Radio!


December 2013

Got my Actor's Equity card!


October 2013

Performed the role of Universal Woman in "Keeping Abreast" at the Secret Theatre.


October 2013

Booked a role in the independent film "Half Way Home", coming soon!


September 2013

Performed in "Hooker Raft" and "Wolf Girls" by the amazing playwright Ben Lewis at Greenpoint Gallery!


August-September 2013

Was a resident artist this summer at The Freight Artist Residency in Cambridge, NY.

Working with 3 Sticks Theatre Company, we developed and performed a folk opera "Shadow", based on Hans Christian Andersen's short story.


May 2013

National Lampoon's "Dirty Movie 2: The Student Film wins the Audience Favorite Award at the Hoboken Film Festival!


January 2013

Performed "Hooker Raft" at the incredible Dead Herring space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


September 2012

Cast in the Off-Broadway production of one of my favorite plays, "The Balcony", by Jean Genet. I play Chantal, the face of the revolution!


July 2012

Adapted, produced and filmed "Let Him Eat Steak", based on the one-act I wrote!


July 2012

Interviewed for the independent documentary "Where The Work Is", an film about theatre luminary Austin Pendleton, who directed me in "Pizza Man" by Darlene Craviotto.


April 2012

Booked a secretary role in the independent film "White Alligator"!


March 2012

Won the Best Actress award at The Network's One-Act Festival at The Barrow Group Theatre for my performance in "Let Him Eat Steak", written by myself. The play was a finalist in the competition for Best Play.


February 2012

Appeared in the the hysterical "Meet the Hitlers" at the Wild Project, NYC.


November 2011

Booked the role of Homeless Woman on the "Thanksgiving" episode of Blue Bloods on CBS!


November 2011
My one-act, “Let Him Eat Steak,” is being produced as part of a spooky evening of theatre called “PLAYdead,” premiering at the Red Room Theatre


August 2011

Performed at the Kentucky Repertory Theatre’s world premiere of “Where I Come From,” by Eric Daniels, directed by Christopher Sanderson and Harry Burton.


June 2011
Revisited New Orleans to film "Dirty Movie II," directed by Jonathan Silverman and Alan Donnes, the sequel to the first National Lampoon film.

February 2011
Become a resident performance/writing artist at Greenpoint Gallery in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

November 2010
Performed in the Waverly Writers presentation of Laura Rohrman’s latest work at the Manhattan Theatre Source.

September 2010
My first film, National Lampoon’s "Dirty Movie", has been picked up for distribution by Lionsgate Films!

July 2010

Performed in "Glimpses" at the Arclight Theatre, NYC.

May 2010
Performed in “UWC” for the Lower East Side Arts Festival. 

April 2010
Performed in  “The Real  World: Hudson Guild Theatre” by the amazing playwright Annie Scott.

January 2010
“Snatched” premiered at the Slamdance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.


August 2009

Filmed National Lampoon's "Snatched", co-starring with Andrew McCarthy in New Orleans.


July 2009

Website up and running!

Lyndsey Anderson is a theatre, tv and film actress based in New York City. She has appeared in feature films, primetime television, Off-Broadway, Slamdance Film Festival, and the Hoboken Film Festival.


Lyndsey is a founding member of BREAD Arts Collective, and is one-half of the punk rock comedy duo Veruca and Dex. 


With her dedicated generation of theatre artists, Lyndsey produces and performs in experimental and traditional spaces throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and beyond. Lyndsey is also a published poet, playwright, guitarist and meditation teacher.